The Twelve Days Collection is Back!

Each year I create a new design to commemorate the classic Christmas carol: Twelve Days of Christmas.
I began the journey in 2013 with the inaugural artwork: “True Love”. So far there are eleven editions in the collection, it will conclude in 2024 with the twelfth day.

Current designs include:

True Love  2013, Partridge in a Pear Tree
Beloved  2014, Two Turtle Doves
Trinity  2015, Three French Hens
Quartet  2016, Four Calling Birds
Harmony  2017, Five Gold Rings
Genesis  2018, Six Geese a Layin’
Grace  2019, Seven Swans a Swimmin’
Blessings  2020, Eight Maids a Milkin’
Joy  2021, Nine Ladies Dancing
Mirth  2022, Ten Lords a Leaping
Faith  2023, Eleven Pipers Piping

Now is the perfect time to join the festivities!
2023 limited edition ornament sets will include a FREE 2024 design to complete your collection.

The 12 Days Collection will be available this season during the 2023 Austin Studio Tour.

If you are interested in a 2023 limited edition ornaments ($145 with FREE shipping), please contact me.


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