My artwork is created using an original technique that synthesizes the artistry of design and photography. I work with natural forms to create surreal environments in which my photos are assembled into the spaces and patterns of my drawings. As these elements interact to create the highlights, shadows, and contours of the new image, they unfold to deeper discoveries within the composition. I create the works within Collections that are based on original poetry adding another layer to the narrative.

The imagery explores the evasive nature of our perceptions and the ever-shifting currents of our realities. The optimistic artwork celebrates the natural world, its fragility, and undeniable connection to our collective experience. I use recurring themes of water, light, and reflection to underscore the fleeting nature of our memories. The shimmering images and ephemeral changes of light are a powerful reminder that things are not always as they seem.

The works are meant to stir a sense of something familiar, perhaps a place you might not quite recall—but somehow, have been waiting to visit.

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This series delves into the ethereal realms where the boundaries between heaven and earth seem to diminish. We are invited to explore the mystical and transcendental spaces where imagination and existence coalesce.

In this collection, I’ve paired sacred geometry as it manifests in the natural world with the symbols that represent the energy patterns that create and unify all things.

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