Thin Spaces Exhibit

Where can we find that special place where heaven and earth draw closest together? It’s where our minds shed their burdens and open up, where the physical and the ethereal momentarily merge. In this space, time dissolves, leaving behind a luminous state of wonder and solace. Some embark on pilgrimages in search of this rarified air, while others stumble upon it in the midst of everyday moments. The Celts referred to it as “thin spaces.” Here, three artists each employ their own unique artistic language to interpret these Thin Space experiences.


meet the artists

Rebecca Bennett 

Rebecca Bennett, through the sensual qualities of oil, uses her alchemist skills to create layered abstractions that delve into the interplay of color, line, and texture. Her intention is to encourage viewers to interpret their own experience within the artwork rather than merely observing the work itself. She beckons them to mentally step into the piece, inviting reactions and reflections. In this way, she enhances the likelihood of an individual Thin Space moment for the viewer.


Visit Rebecca’s site to see her artworks and pricing.


Leslie Kell


Leslie Kell employs her own distinctive technique to create her unique visuals, blending elements of design and photography. She seamlessly weaves her photographs into the intricate spaces and patterns of her drawings, unraveling hidden depths within each composition. The resulting artwork pays homage to the natural world, celebrating its fragility and its profound connection to our collective human experience. Through her layering of light, movement, and sound, she visually evokes the essence of the Thin Space experience.

Explore Leslie’s Thin Spaces Collection.

Elena Lipkowski


Elena Lipkowski, in a fusion of digital collage and hand-embroidery, explores the inherent dualities of the Thin Space encounter. Here, long vistas coexist with intimate details in a dialogue between digital and tactile, pixel and thread, technology and tradition. As the viewer becomes immersed in her art, she extends an invitation to open the heart to the personal Thin Spaces that are always around and within us all. And with this the viewer may discover a sense of peace and tranquility within the energy of her work.


Visit Elena’s site to learn more about her work.



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