DIGIBILITIES, the possibilities are endless

Please join Inspired Minds Art Center for a thought-provoking showcase of digital art that celebrates the possibilities of this contemporary medium. 

Leslie Kell presents her exquisite artist masters from the Other Side Collection as well as her mesmerizing video art. She has curated a special group of guest artists who will share their beautiful digital works to highlight the diversity of the medium. Exhibiting artists include Lisa Zinna’s color crazy photo art; Chalda Maloff ‘s flowing digital paintings; Caroline Walker’s wooden sculptures with augmented reality; Paul McGuire’s Fractallography works and Ronald Gross’ pixel play.

You’ll want to experience this innovative collection of works at the Inspired Minds Art Center (view event).
The exhibit will run through April 17, 2021.

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Exhibiting artists:


Leslie Kell

lesliekell.com  /  @lesliekell

Leslie Kell creates her artworks using an original technique that synthesizes her artistry in design and photography. She works with natural and architectural forms to create surreal environments in which her photos are assembled into the spaces and patterns of her visionary designs. 

These pieces go through three main phases of development and can take months to complete. The photography is an ongoing pursuit and is captured at every opportunity and on specific photoshoots. The design phase of an image begins in a sketchbook and is developed into a computer drawing. Then photos are selected to layer into the drawing. The photos interact to create the highlights, shadows, and contours of the image and the artwork begins to emerge. She often take the process a step further and adds layers of video to create magical hybrids called cinemagraphs.

Lisa Zinna

Experimentation is the name of the game. A camera (my phone!) and magical software (apps!) is all that I need to get started to make my signature photo art. Some of my favorite editing techniques include photo layering, blurring, and color swapping.

Nature photography and original artwork images, such as paper collage, are strong themes in my work. Combining unexpected digital layers results in the surprise and delight factors that keep me engaged with doing this work.

Even though there are so many ways to print and display a digital image, I’ve been drawn to coating them with shiny resin. I’ve even been known to add bits of glitter in just the right places!

Chalda Maloff


Chalda Maloff builds her images with freehand tablet drawing, combined with her developed complement of digital techniques.She does not employ any type of photography in her pieces.

Her creative toolbox includes an electronic Wacom tablet with stylus, various software such as Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop, a Mac Pro computer, and an Epson 9800 fine art printer.She prints in-house with pigment inks, which are brilliant and lightfast. She face-mounts the print on a sheet of museum-grade acrylic, with a custom designed hanging mechanism that allows it to be exhibited frameless.

She produces small editions of 3 to 12 works, varying the file somewhat between printings so that each final artwork is unique.

Caroline Walker


Caroline Walker is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work extends reality by combining digital animations with physical sculptures. Her sculptures start as a 3D model created either in Autodesk 3DS Max, or ZBrush. The model is then put through a slicer application that creates a pattern that is cut on a CNC router.The pieces are then stacked and glued face to face leaving the end grain exposed to create a rhythmic pattern of vertical lines through the laminated layers. A drawing is then added to the sculpture using oil based pencils or paint markers. To create the augmented reality element a photo of the drawing on the sculpture is brought into Unity, a game design program. In Unity digital animations are created andplaced. This information is then packaged into the app Caroline Walker Art. The app sees the drawing as a group of points where dark and light intersect and when your phone’s camera sees this pattern in the real world it places the digital element at the specified coordinates making it appear as though it is really there.

Before you head to the show,  download and install the app so you’re ready to have your mind blown: https://linktr.ee/CarolineWalkerARt

Paul McGuire


Paul McGuire has been working in developing computer software since the early 1980’s while dabbling in computer generated art. Combining fractal algorithms with his own custom-developed computer software, his art recreates complexity as it is found in the natural world. Just as we by nature are drawn to watch the embers of a fire, or the flow over a waterfall, or lightning across the sky, his images compel and draw in the viewer, to consider the complexity and beauty that emerges from simple natural processes.

Paul’s early process used random color selection to create other-worldly patterns and palettes. The more recent pieces shown here use the same fractal algorithms, but seed with colors and forms from dramatic or personal photographs. “rings of fire” samples the original photograph with a low resolution fractal mesh, but then uses the algorithm to fragment and reconstruct new colors and features. “bride” also samples the original photograph at low resolution, but simply uses supersaturated color to reimagine the original joyful bride.

Ronald Gross

I approach my digital work the same way I approach all my art with nothing in mind and let the piece evolve as I’m working on it. I primarily use Adobe Photoshop, but I have done quite a few pieces in Adobe Illustrator as well. Depending on the inclination at the time of creation, I may use various tools and filters available to me through the computer program I am working with. I usually start with a blank “canvas”, but I may use a scan of an abstract piece of work I have done, or a photograph. Many of my pieces play with organic movement intertwined with more linear “tech” themes. I have always loved how a digital medium can convey an organic feeling with it being inherently calculated.

A few photos of the exhibit… 



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