2019 [re]Imagine Awards!

I Was Learning to See” was awarded a blue ribbon in the [re]Imagine 2019 show presented by Round Rock Arts.

Winners of [re]Imagine 2019
There were 129 artists entered and 98 were accepted. Over 180 works are hanging in the gallery at Texas State University-Round Rock. 

The winners of [re]Imagine 2019 were:

1st Place, #168 I Was Learning to See, by Leslie Kell
2nd Place, #357 Reflection of Lilly, by Patti Wojtowecz
3rd Place, #142 Grandeur, by Henry Huey

3d art
1st Place, #234 Time in A Major, by David Mills
2nd Place, #293 Birth of Color, by Nadya Sarycheva
3rd Place, #65 WIndow VIII, by Jess Butler,

2d art
1st Place, The Color of Women: Thelma & Barbara, by Barbara Felix
2nd place, #302 The Field of Blue, by David Schwindt
3rd place, #171 Portrait of a Young Woman, by Sonja A Kever

Given the great number of art works submitted in the 2D category, three honorable mentions were also provided:

Honorable Mention. #131. Where the Concrete Grows, by C.P. Harrison
Honorable Mention, #48, Hoot Owl, by Shelby Boswell
Honorable mention. #181.Hidden Mind, by Juyoung Kim


First Place – Photography category



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